A Public Claims Adjuster for MN, WI and IL will help fix your problem.

Our Public Claims Adjusters in MN, WI, and IL are an advocate that works exclusively for the policyholder, not the insurance company.  That’s totally different from your insurance Company Adjuster or an “Independent” Adjuster, who is trained and paid by the insurance company.  These adjusters look out for the interests of the insurance company, not the policyholder.

That’s why you need a Public Claims Adjuster who works for YOU, the policyholder. The Adjuster Group, LLC has your best interest in mind, not the insurance company’s bottom line.  A Public Claims Adjuster’s job is to be an advocate for YOU. There are NO FEE’S unless we recover damages for your insurance claim. We investigate, document, negotiate, and expedite a claim to obtain fair and just compensation for policyholders in MN, WI and IL.

The Adjuster Group, LLC works with residents of MN, WI, or IL who have suffered a loss for water damage, fire damage, storm damage or natural disaster. Once you report the loss your insurance company will send out an adjuster to start the claim process.  Once the claim is started, it is YOUR responsibility to see if the claim falls within the policy coverage and limits.

Without the help of a licensed and professional Public Claims Adjuster, some insurance coverage’s may be overlooked or missed altogether. Many times damages of your structure and contents may be drastically undervalued or missed altogether.



Specializing in Public Adjusting for Water Damage & Fire Damage Claims

Why hire a Public Adjuster in MN, WI or IL to help settle your claim?

If you live in MN, WI or IL and have just suffered an insurance loss from water damage or fire damage you will soon be faced with challenges of a never ending claim process.  
When you hire a Public Claims Adjuster you free yourself from the hassle of dealing with the damage documentation, proof of loss, deciphering your policy coverages, and detailed communication process to move your claim forward, so you receive just compensation in a timely manner.
There is no inherent “conflict of interest” for us when it comes to advocating on your behalf with the insurance company. Public Claims Adjusters from The Adjuster Group, LLC are experienced in policy language, coverage’s, proper documentation, critical estimating, and negotiation to expedite and maximize your claim settlement.

Public Adjusters take the stress and hassles out of the claim process.

  • We handle all communication and coordination with the insurance company and any party that is involved in the claim settlement.
  • Besides understanding the policy language and documentation for proper claim management, the time it takes to complete these items can be long and tedious which requires someone’s full-time and attention to manage.
  • Without a Public Claims Adjuster, the insurance company will delay and defend your claim as they seem fit, knowing that the policyholder will get frustrated and settle without understanding that they are getting less than what they are entitled to.
  • We relieve you of this time consuming and burdensome process thereby allowing you to devote your time and energy to getting back to normal.

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Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Services for Disputed Insurance Claims

Insurance appraisal is a legal process used to settle disputes between insurance policyholders and their insurance companies. Unlike insurance arbitration, the outcome of the insurance appraisal process is typically binding. Appraisal should be used under specific circumstances such as when you and your insurance company have a wide discrepancy as to the pricing and scope of your claim and cannot reach an agreement.
Most property insurance policies include an insurance appraisal clause that specifies how claim disputes will be settled should they arise. If an agreement cannot be reached and appraisal becomes necessary, you or your insurance company may initiate the appraisal process which is usually done in writing. From there, each party chooses an insurance appraiser. Depending on the state’s insurance laws and the terms of your insurance policy, The Public Adjusters can serve as either an external insurance appraiser or act as an appraiser on your behalf.
The Adjuster Group, LLC has unsurpassed experience in construction and insurance. When you choose us as your insurance appraiser, we immediately get to work. Though the process varies from one claim to the next, it typically involves the following:

  • We review all claim-related materials including your insurance policy, estimates, correspondence, and supporting documentation.
  • We conduct our own damage assessments to ensure the most accurate appraisals possible.
  • We look for discrepancies between all estimates to determine if anything was overlooked, underestimated, or overestimated.
  • We consult with engineers, building inspectors, contractors, and other professionals as needed.




The Adjuster Group, LLC is ready to fix your problem with your insurance company. Please call us at 218-310-0735 so we may discuss the issues concerning your claim.

“It's your right to hire your own Public Claims Adjuster for your loss. Don’t let your insurance carrier bully you. We educate you so you have a better understanding of the claims process and make it as stress-free as possible. Get the just compensation you deserve for your loss”.

Ned A. Eliason – Public Claims Adjuster/Appraiser

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